Divorce in Bangladesh & Child Custody

Divorce in Bangladesh & Child Custody

As the lifestyle in Bangladesh is changing fast; family and marital disputes are in arising along with divorce in Bangladesh. We are confident that we can advise you about marriage, divorce, child custody, marriage between persons of different religions, marriage between Bangladeshi and foreigner, divorce of Bangladeshi living abroad, Divorce of persons who were Bangladeshi at the time of marriage but now have migrated and changed nationality etc.

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Law Castle Solutions is a full service law firm in Bangladesh and has adequate knowledge, expertise, lawyers, consultants and logistics to undertake any legal, para legal or related service. We are experts in any litigation cases before any court of law be that Bangladesh Supreme Court, Judges Court, Labour Court, Magistrates Courts etc. Practice areas include Litigation, Employment issues, Divorce and family law issues, Child custody and Adoption, Company matter, Admiralty etc.

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