Land Issues & Property Disputes

Land Issues & Property Disputes

We regularly advice clients on Real estate matters and Land Issues matters specially dispute between land owner and developer, flat buyer and developer issues. We have experience in advising on Real Estate Development and Management Act . We have successfully conducted Arbitrations and Litigations on disputes falling under Real Estate Development and Management Act 2010. 

We provide services to people living outside Bangladesh who have family property in Bangladesh. We provide support from collecting documents, deeds, Porchas to do Namjari in the names of current owner and we also assist in selling lands in Bangladesh. We lawyers in Bangladesh provide complete support to people living outside Bangladesh but who has property in Bangladesh.

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Law Castle Solutions is a full service law firm in Bangladesh and has adequate knowledge, expertise, lawyers, consultants and logistics to undertake any legal, para legal or related service. We are experts in any litigation cases before any court of law be that Bangladesh Supreme Court, Judges Court, Labour Court, Magistrates Courts etc. Practice areas include Litigation, Employment issues, Divorce and family law issues, Child custody and Adoption, Company matter, Admiralty etc.

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